Beekeeping Services

Bee School 2018

I taught bee school for over 6 years at the Norfolk County Beekeepers Association. I have instructed over 600 people to become beekeepers. I still mentor many of my students. Beginning in 2018 I will be offering private and small family group beekeeping instructions. The classes will begin in February 2018 and run through April 2018. There will be additional instructions and fieldwork done throughout the entire season until late fall of 2018.

Private Instructions

This will be for 1-2 individuals (family members) that wish for a hands-on bee school experiences. This will be a total of 16 hours of classroom instructions plus 4 hours of fieldwork beginning in April 2017.

Small Group Instructions

This will be for 6-10 individuals who enjoy a group setting, learning from others. Like the private instructions, this will include 16 hours of classroom instructions plus 4 hours of fieldwork beginning in April 2017.

Pricing for All Instructions

16 hours of classroom instruction plus 4 hours of fieldwork - $500 per person/family (discounts available for families or small groups)
Additional hours of fieldwork - $50 per hour
Additional classes (2 hours) - $100 per class
Block of 4 hours of fieldwork - $160 (20% discount)


All equipment and bees packages can be purchased directly from Little Beehive Farm. I will have a few basic beginner’s packages ranging in prices from $250-$500. Details will be available when classes start.

Application for Bee School 2018

Click here for application

Beekeeper Services

Whether you are a first year beekeeping or have been keeping bees for several years, I am here to help. In addition to attending any of the classes I will be offering, I am available for on-site teaching and instructions. This will fall under fieldwork. Whether you need help or advice about mite treatments, brood health, or even just help learning the best way to inspect a hive, I am here to help.


I am not a state apiary inspector. If you wish for an state inspector to examine your hive, please contact the state apiary inspector:
Kim Skyrm, Ph.D.
Chief Apiary Inspector/Apiary Program Coordinator
Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources
251 Causeway Street, Suite 500
Boston, MA  02114

Bee Talks

Part of the educational aspect of Little Beehive Farm is to educate people about our agricultural systems and how it relates to us as individuals and to the honeybees and all pollinators. This is accomplished by giving talks to various civic and town groups.

My talk is about 90 minutes long and covers everything from colony collapse & varroa mites, to what is like to be a beekeeper, all about the honeybees and what you can do as an individual.



My standard rate for groups is $300. This is negotiable depending on the size of your group and the location. As well all kids talks are free. I welcome kid groups to come to the farm during the growing season.